Design A CDN Hosting System – Advanced Accounts, Media Center w/ Licensing Plan


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Design A CDN Hosting System – Advanced Accounts, Media Center, Live Uplink, Web Player & Chat Monthly w/ Licensing Plan

Includes Video Player for Live Webcasts, Chat System and Links to Other Pages…

Additional information

Installation Options - Choose the features available below

migrate and install, New Install, Renewal, Upgrade

Stream Player Features

All Features, Cloud Recording, Content Protection, No Cloud Recording


Monetize DIY, Monetize Shared, Private Content, Public Free

SSL - Securing the Stream w/ Encryption

Email Only SSL, Multiple Site SSL, No SSL, Single Domain SSL

Storage Capacity - Choose Drive Storage Size for your media files.

1 TB, 10 Gig, 100 Gig, 2 TB, 200 Gig, 24 TB, 25 Gig, 4 TB, 5 Gig, 50 Gig, 500 Gig, 8 TB, Live Remote Files – Live Only Player

Per Upload Size - 1) How big are your media files? 2) How much are you uploading each time?

1 Gig Per Upload, 2 Gig Per Upload, 3 Gig Per Upload, 4 Gig Per Upload, 5 Gig Per Upload, 6 Gig Per Upload, No Uploading

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