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advanced streamer media centers & channels

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Limited Time Only – Media Center Beginner System Yearly

Media Center Beginner – Learn the art of Uplinking, Uploading, Master Control, Webcasting, Storage & Monetization

“A great value for anyone! wanting to participate and develop a professional appearance.”

Features Include:

Media Center can Installed as Your Website, Embedded and Linked– Ask us about this…
Channel Management Choices – See Control Boxes
Control Boxes (A,B,C,H) See Design Options
Video/Audio UploaderLearn more about Uploading

Media Center Layout Design
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Limited Time Only – Premium Channel Operator, Uploader w/ Media Center Quarterly


Public Streaming Channel Monthly for Mobile Apps

With this you can operate your own channel on your own website.

This package allows public streaming from your own mobile device to your own embedded media player code.

You get a 24/7 Channel Name, Channel Number, Public Streaming Account.

Your Publishing Point Uplink is a One to One Connection to the SPEEDSTREAM Network & Cloud.

Once you uplink to the SPEEDSTREAM Cloud Channel (Dedicated Stream URL & Channel & Uplink Account)

Our Hybrid CDN distributes your live content – as we offer you a mass communication URL.

Summary – One link for your Live Connection – Another Link you promote to fans, clients, viewers…

Download and Install your own Encoder – Windows / iPhone / Android
We provide everything but the encoding app.   Once you sign up, you will be provided your channel operator embed code and channel.

Get a channel from us your on your way to becoming  your own public / private CDN.

Features Include:

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broadcast equipment

Disruptive Compute Stick

Catalyst Broadcast Kit Wearable/Mobile Backpack’s
All in One Connection to Cloud Storage CDN System, Uplink & Channel Media Center.
Dedicated Desktop Streaming Computer System w/ 3 Cameras & 2 Broadcast Backpack Hero Kits
Computer is a Small form Factor able to be used in mobile remote situations.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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broadcast kit

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Web Site Hosting

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Web Hosting Bundles

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