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WiFi Extender Dual Band 5Ghz 2.4Ghz 1200Mbps Wireless Router/AP Access Point/Repeater Signal Booster Wi-Fi Amplifier 

The shell of our products is made of fireproof and high temperature resistant materials, and the heat resistant temperature can reach 125 degrees. Due to the small size of the product, the product itself is cooled by the outer casing. Advanced graphite thin material is attached to the outer casing, and then the heat of the chip is introduced into the graphite thin material for rapid conduction heat dissipation. Therefore, the surface temperature can reach 65 degrees at full load, but this will not affect the normal performance of the product. At present, most mobile phone cooling methods are also such that the heat is dissipated through the outer casing. When the mobile phone is fast charging and working at full load, the surface of the mobile phone also generates a high temperature. When the weather is very hot and air is dry, don’t use too many electrical equipment, stagger the peak period of electricity consumption; We will make the plug with more heat-resistant material; Add more cooling port to the product to dissipate heat. Thx.

Repeater Mode – Way 1 – Quick setup by WPS button (your router must has WPS button)

Repeater Mode – Way 2 – Setup by your phone or ipad (almost any device including iOS and Android mobile platform)

Repeater Mode – Way 3 – Setup by your Computer or laptop

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