Experience Hosting Dual Windows & Linux Servers


Starting at $649 per month and One Time Activation Setup/Transfer $850



1.  WOW! WHM / cPanel Server LAMP

2.  Windows w/ IIS 7.0 Streaming Server uses RDP and VNC

Seriously, this is for Online Broadcasting –

Incredible and dirt cheap!

With all the Tools!

Experience Hosting is Hosting Solution:  Starts at $649 a month. 

Now you can enjoy the control having Dual Servers, 
1) Windows Server 
2) Linux Centos, Ubuntu & Webmin or Fedora w/ cPanel

LAMP and Windows Virtual Machines’s bundled and pre-set up for your Broadcasting capabilities. 

Our VPS Infrastructure Supports RDP, VNC, SSH. 

Supported Broadcast Protocols some require (SLA) Service Level Agreement. 

HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, Onvif, MMS, Roku, FireTV Newsletter Engine SEO, Social Media Connectors, Google Analytics.  

Bundled Rendering Tools that run on Virtual Machines, Watch Folders and Automation. 

Supports mainly WordPress and Joomla CMS and Media Center Open Framework.